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The fresh smell of fruit, bright colours and various textures of all the different fruits and vegetables is so enticing to children. They love to open the box and see what is in there and pick things out to try.


The same day our local farmers deliver to the buyer’s market, we purchase the pick of the seasons produce based on taste, quality and value.

Our Seasonal boxes have been specifically designed to offer all family sizes just the right amount of fresh produce to last the week without waste.

Your box will be filled with a lovely fresh selection of hand-picked local produce, chosen by you, using our simple effective survey form, a unique system which indicates a customers preferences ensuring you receive the produce you like.

Seasonal Boxes Include

Weekly Basics + 3 Vegetables + 2 Fruits + 2 Salads
The box sizes are defined by quantity of produce.

  • Small Box = $35
  • Medium Box = $40
  • Large Box = $45

Add Free Range Eggs = $6 (1 Dozen) & $3 (1/2 Dozen)

A customised Survey Form is available on the ‘Order Form‘ page. Please complete the Survey Form to indicate your preferences and the produce you do not want to receive in your box.

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Our philosophy is to constantly seek out the freshest and best quality produce while maintaining 100% quality, service, price and product.

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