My family and I have been  clients of "Fruit at Home' for the past 7 years.  During this time we have been impressed with the prompt, reliable and personal service. "Fruit at Home' is accessible and open to suggestions by taking a personal interest in each of their client's requirements.  

          Cheryl, Booragoon    


"We love getting a box of gorgeous fruit, veg and eggs delivered to our home."

           Raina, South Perth  


We have been enjoying the tasty fruit from fruit at home for the last 4 years.  The quality is always excellent and Deb and Kevin are a pleasure to deal with - nothing is ever too much bother.  We always enjoy the variety, and element of surprise, when our box arrives each week.  

PS: The produce lasts so much longer than shop bought ones due to being freshly purchased from the markets that morning - so no waste!!

          Jean, Attadale
          Phone Testimonial Available


I have no hesitation in recommending "Fruit At Home". As a busy self employed person, I find the service extremely beneficial and time saving. 

Sorting through F&V at the shop takes far too long if you are looking for value and freshness. The "Fruit at Home" team use a logical approach by sourcing produce that is "in season". It's always fresh & good value. I've been a customer for over a year at my current address, and  longer if I include two previous addresses.

No complaints from me in that time.

          Frank, Rivervale  


A great service for busy people like myself. I get a good variety of local fruit and veg with every box. I probably pay more when I go to the shops and buy things that don’t last the week. Always look forward to my box of “surprises”.

          Kim, Victoria Park  


We are very happy with the service received from Fruit at Home, the convenience of having the fruit and vegetables delivered to the door at a very reasonable price.   We would certainly recommend Fruit at Home for their reliability and service.

          Valerie, Como


"I have had my fruit and vegies delivered by Kevin and Deb since they started years ago. I have passed on their details to many friends and our whole family utilises their great service. With two young children it's great to know that each week I will be able to provide my family with fresh fruit and vegies at a very reasonable price without having to go the market. Thanks Kevin and Deb for your continued friendly and great service."

          Gemma, Booragoon


Deb and Kevin provide a very reliable & great service. Being a busy Mum & knowing my fruit & Veg will be delivered  FRESH weekly is fantastic. I always cook around whats  in the box and find Fruit at Home very obliging when I want something different. Thank you for a very flexible fruit & veg service!

          Michelle, Como


         Our family has been receiving fruit at home for nearly a year - and we really look forward to          our delivery day. Not only does it save me extra time in the supermarket with small children,          but I am relieved to know that the fruit is local and seasonal, and it lasts so much longer. We          also enjoy looking for new ideas when particular things are in ready supply - carrot cake, apple          pie, cauliflower dahl, zucchini fritters etc. I have recommended Deb and Kevin to many of our          friends - they really go out of their way to help us.

         Melisa, South Perth


        Miles and I would be very happy to do phone testimonials for you.  

       "We have had Kevin and Deb deliver fruit and veg to us for 6 years now. We love the freshness         and quality of food that comes directly from the market to our door without the inconvenience         of us having to go to the market ourselves. The produce lasts so much longer than the shop         bought variety as it hasn't had to hang around in shops for any length of time. The variety is         excellent and a simple message changes what we don't want or if we're going away. The service         is impeccable and very friendly.  Highly recommended."  

        Louise and Miles, Como


        We love Fruit at Home.  The fuit and vegetables are always so fresh, the service is great and         nothing is too much trouble when we want to change our order. 

        Lox and Margaret, Myaree  


           "Fruit at home" have been fantastic in delivering fresh, vibrant produce to our home. "Fruit at          home" have been wonderful in accomodating extra orders, providing us with bumper orders              and  I have also used "Fruit at home" to deliver to a friend as a gift. We eat a lot of fruit and veg          and their service has saved me money, time and the produce stays fresher much longer than          anything bought from the larger chain stores."   

         Leanda, Melville


           'I love the fact that I know my family and I are going to have beautiful fresh fruit and vegies         delivered to the door every week. I can order more one week or less the next depending on         what we have going on with the family. With the wide range of fresh produce that I can choose         from and how much I want to spend, it's the right choice for me. Plus your service if always         spot on' !!!    

        Nikki, Alfred Cove


        I have been having my fruit and veg delivered for ages and am very happy with the service,         quality and value for money.  

        Kevin and Deb always keep me up to date with any changes and I like the seasonal surveys.  

        It is nice to choose the items, as well as have a little surprise in the box each week.  

        Vicki, Como


            We love getting our fruit and veg delivered fresh each week to the door.  Kevin and Deb do a          fantastic job – great friendly service (nothing is ever too much trouble).  We would (and do)          recommend them to anyone.

        Joanne, Nedlands


           "Getting our fruit and veg delivered every week has saved us so much time and effort.  We use           the lovely 'in-season' produce that we receive in the box and top-up from the shops only if           necessary.  Kevin and Deb are always a pleasure to deal with and we would not hesitate in           recommending them to others." 

          Wendy, Mount Pleasant


              I highly recommend 'Fruit at home' as the produce is so fresh coming straight from the               markets.  The cost is considerably less thank from the supermarkets and it is very convenient           for older people without transport.  

          Marjorie, Ardross


             A flyer in the letterbox a phone call made.  For approx six year now we have had a delivery           to the door same time every week.  A box of fruit and vegies beautifully fresh - we have no              waste!  Due to us being disabled this service is indeed a God send to us.

          Mrs. Knop, Melville  


              We started having our fruit & veg delivered in late 2005 after a friend recommended it.  We           never looked back.  One of the first comments we made was that the tomatoes tasted so much           more like tomatoes!  I think we had forgotten what tomatoes taste like as supermarket fruit           and veg is so bland.  My only regret was not having had the delivereis when my first two           children were newborns.  It was so brilliant when our last child was an infant to know that if           we had meat we always had a meal as we always had enough veg.  We cut the fruit up and           have a platter every week which has increased the whole family's fruit consumption.  I make           minor adjustments to our order from time to time and have enjoyed getting to know Kevin &           Deb over the years.  I cannot recommend them highly enough!

          Renee, Alfred Cove

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