Quality local produce  ~ Excellent Value  ~ Outstanding Service


Your box will be filled with a lovely fresh selection of local produce

–  chosen by you  –

using our simple effective Survey Form, a unique system which offers you a variety of the pick of the season.  



'I would just like to say thanks for the wonderful fruit & veg yesterday.  I was very happy with the quantity and especially the quality - the tomatoes actually smell like real tomatoes!  Look forward to next week's box.'

Sheree - Mosman Park



Box Sizes     

We have chosen 3 different sizes to offer you:


  • $30
  • $35
  • $40    


These different sizes have been specially designed to offer any size family just the right amount of fresh fruit and veggies to last the week without any waste.

And for those of you who love your fruit & veg - we will do any size for you!


The same day the farmer delivers the produce, we purchase at wholesale prices, carefully pack each individual order and deliver your box to you.



Each different sized box contains 14 varieties of a wonderful array of fruits, vegetables and salad vegetables - hand-picked by taste and quality.


If you would prefer a box filled with fresh fruits and salads, or fruit only for the hot summer months we can do that too.


We also try and offer you market specials over and above your regular orders eg – trays of mangoes, extra Kg’s of stonefruit, whole/half watermelons, boxes of cherries at Christmas etc.


We can also pop a dozen or 1/2 dozen farm fresh 'Free Range Eggs' into your order

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Survey Form Winter.doc  

Survey Form Summer.doc


Proudly West Australian – Supporting Local WA and Australian growers  


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