Mum's this is an awesome way to introduce your children to healthy eating!  


The fresh smell of fruit, bright colours and various textures of all the different fruits and vegetables is so enticing to young children.  They love to open the box and see what is in there and pick stuff out to try.


Let your child help wash and prepare the fruit & veg, teach them how

to use a peeler as early as possible.    


If you eat and enjoy fruit and vegetables every day and make it a part

of your whole family's diet, your children will usually follow your example.


Variety is important - try all the different colours, yellow, green and red,

they may be raw, cooked, steamed, boiled, microwaved, stir-fried or  


There are so many reasons for everyone to enjoy eating a wide variety

of vegetables and fruit.  They contain many vitamins and minerals that

are essential for healthy bone and cell development and play an

important role in supporting the energy levels required for active minds

and healthy bodies. They provide lots of 'roughage' which helps the

digestive system and helps with the maintenance of a healthy body

weight.  And most important, they help support the immune system

and protect against diseases.


Our fruit & veg boxes are so fresh, filled with amazing variety and wonderfull colours - it's all so easy!    









We first started using your service when our second child was born and it was such a mission to go grocery shopping with two kids. Having fresh fruit and veges delivered to our door was a big help. My two boys (now aged 5 and 2) like opening the box of fruit and veges every Tuesday afternoon. We play a game of ‘what’s in the box’ and they like helping put away the fruit and veges – and having a chomp on some broccoli in the process!  

Terena - South Perth



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